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Andrew Jackson was a good ole boy from Waxhaws region, which is between North Carolina and South Carolina. Scottish-Irish descent, “Old Hickory” was raised in a backwoods settlement where he acquired a mere elementary education. Despite growing up in poverty, Jackson as a young teen taught himself law for about two years and became a phenomenal lawyer in the state of Tennessee. He later on became the first the man to be elected as a representative in the House of Representatives for Tennessee. A man for the common man Old Hickory hated the rich and politicians, he was a drinker, a fighter, and a duelist. He was a military man as well. He became famous for defeating the British after the War of 1812 in New Orleans against a strong British army …show more content…

Andrew Jackson was authentic to “common man”, the man that worked hard for what he believed in. Jackson started the Democratic - Republican Party in 1828 (Kennedy, pg.243). Which was a party for the South, the West, and the urban workers to look up to. Jackson didn’t like politicians, and bankers, he thought they were corrupt. He didn’t believe in Federal spending or the National Bank. He wanted to destroy the bank, he said “The Bank … is trying to kill me, but I will kill it” (Kennedy, pg.241). He succeeded with this statement in 1833 with removing federal deposits from the bank (Kennedy, pg.242). It took time, but he defeated the banks to better the country. Principled leadership means to lead from a firm foundation of what one believes. Old Hickory showed principled leadership throughout his whole presidency. Jackson believed that the National Bank was a terror and eliminated it from country. He believed that the Indians were invading the white settlements and wanted to move them West (Kennedy, pg.238). Jackson uprooted more than 100,000 Indians to take the Trail of Tears to the new territory (Kennedy, pg.239). He didn’t know that many Indians would die, but he was firm on moving them westward so Americans could expand to the

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