Andrew Jackson Dbq

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Many of the Presidents of the United States became presidents just because of their campaign; multiple presidents have used the campaign they are a common man and will do the best for every citizen. Andrew Jackson however was more of a king than a common man for several reasons. Jackson ignored Congress and continued with the Indian Removal Act which pushed the indians western of the Mississippi river. Jackson also held up Congress with his vetoes. If Andrew Jackson wanted an act to be passed or denied he either vetoed Congresses ruling or he declared what he wanted and everyone went with it. Jackson also adopted the Spoils System which was constitutionally unjust. The way Jackson acted showed how he was a king was by adapting the Spoils System, enacting the Indian Removal Act, and holding up congress with his vetoes.
The first reason that Andrew Jackson was more of a king is he ignored Congress. In 1830, Andrew Jackson made the Indians sell their land, and forced them to reservations west of the Mississippi river. Congress had made a ruling that the Indians were allowed to keep their land, but “King Jackson” said he had already made his ruling and forced them to the Trail of Tears at gunpoint (President Jackson and Indian Removal). Andrew Jackson just ignoring Congress was a problem that showed he wasn’t a common man. The
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Jackson vetoed the the recharter bill for the Bank of US, he vetoed a bill that allowed the federal government to purchase stock, and he also vetoed the Indian removal act (Jackson’s Economic Issues). Congress rules laws for a reason and if Jackson is vetoing every single thing that they are doing he is making them take extra time to do things. When he vetoes something it then has to go all the way back through the system, and in the end most of the time Jackson did what he wanted no matter what Congress said so it became a waste of
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