Why Is Andrew Jackson Bad

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Andrew Jackson was said to be one of the worst presidents in the United States. He made some bad choices during his presidential years, which lead to him being capitalized as a monarch or a king. With the United States’ history with kings that was not a good thing. Jackson was very stubborn and strong willed, he didn’t take no for an answer. Being strong willed is normally a good thing in certain situations, but in Jacksons situation it was not. Especially when he defied the supreme court and did not take no for an answer when it came to the Trail of Tears or when he threatened South Carolina and even when he killed a man for insulting his wife. Andrew Jackson had a fulsome flattery which lead him into presidency.
Many bad things happened with Andrew Jackson. He was well known for his involvement in forcing the movement of the Cherokee Indians that wanted to live in peace with the white people who lived close by in Florida and Georgia. The Cherokees land was great for growing cotton and because of that Jackson wanted it to …show more content…

Andrew Jackson didn’t want the bank to get rechartered so after the bank flew through Congress he vetoed it, Congress was unable to override Jackson’s veto. Then Jackson proceed to order his secretary of the treasury to move future government funds to state banks called pet banks. While that was happening the government would remove their funds from the United States bank till it was in a financial panic. Jackson held his ground while Congress censuring him that the removal of the United States bank was a misuse of his presidential power. The United States went into an uncontrolled inflation and Jackson issued the Specie Circular which declared the federal government would only accept hard money for purchasing public lands. Jackson’s choice by doing this only added to the panic that was already

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