Andrew Jackson Major Accomplishments

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Andrew Jackson was born in the carolinas. His presidency defined itself as two central parts, the nullification crisis and the bank war. He fought in the Revolutionary War as a kid.The first time he ran for president he lost against John Quincy Adams , then he came back a few years later and ran again and won the election this time. He was also the leader of the democratic party.
Andrew Jackson was born March, 15, 1767 in South Carolina. His father died right after he was born so he was only raised by his mother. At the age of 13 him and his brothers volunteered to fight in the Revolutionary War. He got inheritance from his grandfather afterwords, finished school and became a school teacher for a short period of time. He was known for having a really bad temper, and for challenging people to a duel.
Some of Jackson's major accomplishments were he successfully led the U.S forces in the creek war against the Natives. …show more content…

His wife had 11 kids and he treated all of them like they were his own. Even though she wasn't properly divorced from her previous husband. He was very tough and strict which gave him the name “old hickory”. He is also on the $20 bill. The capital of mississippi is named after him. He also had a pet parrot named poll, while at the funeral they had to remove because he was screeching cuss words. Something that most people don't know is Many people think Andrew Jackson fought hundreds of duels. Even though he did have a temper, and he was challenged and he challenged others several times.” But only one duel resulted in shots fired – the duel in 1806 when he killed Charles Dickinson.” Even though jackson signed the indian removal act he adopted two indians kids. Another thing is just like president lincoln jackson was also a self taught frontier lawyer he studied law when he was a teen and passed the bar when he was 20 and then became a successful frontier

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