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Andrew Jackson Lia Santos, Ms. Thompson, Computer Application 2, September 1, 2015 Andrew Jackson was born March 15, 1767 in Wax haws which is a land between South and North Carolina. His Dad was Andrew Jackson and his mother was Elizabeth Jackson. He considered himself a Carolina native and grew up in a poor country. He had an erratic education and he joined a local militia at the age of 13. Once he grew up he married a woman named Elizabeth Jackson, which he adopted and had 10 children with. They’re names where Andrew Jackson Donelson, Anthony Butler, Lyncoya Jackson, Caroline Butler, Edward Butler, Eliza Butler, Andrew Jackson Jr. , Daniel Smith Donelson, Theodore Jackson, Andrew Jackson Hutchings, and last but not least John Samuel Donelson. …show more content…

Jackson was also Lawyer in North Carolina then in Tennessee. He was elected in 1976 as Tennessee’s first US Representative, Then as a US Senator in 1797 from which he resigned in eight months. Andrew Jackson was elected President in 1829. He ran against John Quincy in both terms. He was for the Democrat-Republican Party. His vice president in the first term was John C. Calhoun and in the second term it was Martin Van Buren. Jackson vetoed the second bank of charter, survived an assassination attempt, and supported Georgia’s expulsion of the Indians from their land to reservations in the west. He’s known for being a veteran of the Revolutionary War and being the “frontier” president. In May, 1814 during the war of 1812 Andrew Jackson was named major general in the US army. On January 8 of 1815, he won battle of New Orleans against the British and was named as a hero. His forces met the invading British troops as they were trying to take the city New Orleans. President Jackson was the first president truly embraces the power of the presidency. He vetoed more bills than all previous presidents. He used the veto 12 times while he was in office in his two terms. When he, Andrew Jackson went for his second term in 1832 his opponents called him “King Andrew” due to the use of veto and his implementation that they called the “spoil system” he thought who ever supported him should be awarded and more than any president before him, he removed any opponents on federal office for loyal

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