Andrew Jackson's Effect On The Cherokee Indians And The Trail Of Tears

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Andrew Jackson’s Effect on the Cherokee Indians and the Trail of Tears

In March of 1832, the case of Worcester v. Georgia was ruled in the U.S. Supreme Court.
This case nullified a Georgia law that was contrived to control the way that the U.S. citizens accessed the Cherokee country. Chief Justice John Marshall believed that only the federal government should be allowed to do that. He believed that the tribes were autonomous, just as Georgia was. Marshall was seeking to preserve the influence that the federal government had, and at the same time he was allowing the tribes freedom from the rule of state governments.
Even though the Cherokee Indian tribes were native to the land of the U.S., they would remain somewhat under the …show more content…

Perhaps better compromise, and less prejudices? The West was working side by side with the Indian population. The white settlers and native tribes had found ways to coexist, for the most part, and this benefited both cultures.
It was a shaping of society that allowed for growth. I feel that the influence of the east, and its “plantation” mentality played a large and significant role in the exclusion and separation of the Indians and the white Americans. I think there could have been another outcome. An outcome that would have allowed natives to have freedom of speech and the opportunity to choose whether they wanted to move west or not.
The British came to America and intruded on the native’s land and in their lives bringing disease and death, in the physical sense and otherwise. They intruded upon the lands of the Indians and and wrecked their tribes. I think that Andrew Jackson allowed his prejudice and power to influence the lives of thousands, and multiple generations have felt the affect of his actions. I must ask the question, are all men created equal? In my opinion, they are. However, I know not everyone shares my opinion. As politically correct as our society is today,

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