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In the white man’s world, the strongest antagonist is an educated black woman, conscious of her value and power in society. Angela Davis is one of these black women. She was educated not only formally through schooling, but through experiences as an oppressed member of society. Davis illustrates how necessary knowledge of self, a sense of community, drive, and organizing are in the Freedom Liberation Movement. Angela Davis’s purpose for writing her autobiography was to preserve and validate the struggles, efforts, and intentions of the many men and women, including herself, educating future generations on the past, in hopes that they will continue the fight towards freedom that is not yet won. In her political autobiography, Angela Davis constantly models and reveals the ideologies supporting important models of resistance, crucial to making important political change. This empowers the oppressed youth of today, especially Black youth, to create a community, based on the commonality of their burning passions for equality and freedom. Davis …show more content…

As a young girl, it did not take Davis long to realize the difference between people in her neighborhood. Skin color not yet a factor in her eyes, little Angela attributed these’s people’s differences to their lack of general politeness and intense negative energy portrayed to her family, and other Black families that later moved into her neighborhood. It was soon brought to Davis’s attention that this constant distain for her family and others was based on skin color, she would later find out that is wasn’t purely black and white. In an attempt to combat their daughter’s growing hate for white people they were determined that she “learn the battle of white against Black was not written into the nature of things” (Davis, p.79). Her mother championed that love had been ordained by God, white people’s hate was not natural or

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