Angle Addition Postulate

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There are three good reasons why we use the Angle Addition Postulate. We use this method because it is similar to the Segment addition postulate, two adjacent angles together create a larger angle, and you can find out unknown angles. The real world application of this method is used in carpentry, engineering, design, and construction of anything with angles. First, the Segment Addition Postulate is where you can find the length of a large line by adding the length of two or more small lines together. Putting two things together has been taught since elementary and so it’s an easier concept to understand. For example, if you put a five foot board in line with a six foot board you would know that the total length of the two boards together would equal eleven because you add the two numbers together and find your solution.…show more content…
For example, the straight angle always equals up to one hundred eighty. The straight angle is easier to identify. A lot of smaller lines can equal up to a straight line and so a lot of small angles can add up to a straight line. Another example is right angles. Right angles are also easy to identify. The right angle can also have two lines equal up to its degree. Right angles equal up to ninety degrees. Third, you can find out unknown angles. With the angle addition postulate you can find the measurements of angles that you do not know. For example, if you had a part one that was 7x-4 and you had a part two that was 2x+5 and your part three was a straight line so It equaled 180, you would put 7x-4+2x+5=180. You would put that equation because part one plus part two equals part three. So, to find the other angle you need to set this method
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