Bel 311 Week 3 Division Research Paper

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Step 1: Warm up your brains! o Display division problems on ELMO. Introduce one at a time. o 19 ÷ 3 (6 R1) o Mental math: 20 ÷ 2 (10)
Step 2: Solve
• Have students solve the division problem using long division for the 1st problem and mental math for the second problem on their chalkboards. Remind students to show all their work for the first problem.
• Walk around and check for understanding, ask guiding questions to help students who might need further assistance.
• When students have solved the problem, ask students to raise their chalk boards to show you their answers. If correct, students may erase their work. If not correct, ask student guiding questions to help them find the correct answer. Provide the feedback necessary to help them solve the division problem, some students don’t subtract correctly, others multiply incorrectly, or divide incorrectly. Catch their error to better assist them.
Step 3: Model on Elmo
• After students, have finished solving the first division problem, solve the …show more content…

Cover up the vocabulary word with sticky notes, read the definition and ask the class to name the correct vocabulary word.

Step 6: Connect
• Ask students to think of something that can be divided into three equal groups. Tell students to think of a time that they had to split a certain number of items with their friends. Maybe they had to split a packet of stickers, Pokémon cards, gel-pens, smelly erasers, a bag of cookies, a box of beads. Have students pair-share their responses with their partner using partner A and partner B method. Walk around to check for understanding and to listen to student responses. Ask guiding questions if any students struggle to come up with a response.
• Provide sentence starters: “Something that can be divided into three equal groups is__________________. It can be divided into three equals groups because our answer would be _____________________without any leftover”
Step 6: Ask students to

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