Hr/304 Week 1 Math Research Paper

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Lidali .L. Perez
Math 12 questions. 1} Ratio- If there are 2 trees to the amount of sandboxes which is 1 what would the ratio be?
If the two numbers that were given to you were 2 to 1 what would the ratio be.
Well if you do the 1 to 2 then it will be 1:2/ 1to2/ ½ because the number that comes first is the number that goes in the ratio first.
2} Fraction-Miguel has ⅖ cup of peanuts and ⅓ cups of dried cherries, how many cups of food does he has? A way that you can figure it out is by adding ⅖ to ⅓ you can do that by adding the top to which is 2+1=3 so that would be your numerator usually for the bottom it would stay the same if they both have the same denominator but since it is not the same you have to add those to …show more content…

That is a hint because you have to do the # of students on the bleachers to the students of sitting on the floor.And the ratio would be 21:5.
5} FRACTION_ Kevin 2/6 of the cake, Ben ate 1 slice.Of kevin ate 2/6 of the cake all the slices are the same size , what fraction of the cake was eaten in total? Am pretty sure that it would be 4/12 because if it's to slices then you multiply both by 2, and that's how you get 4/12.
6}DECIMAL-A computer in nanoseconds. A nanoseconds is one billionth of a second. Write this number as a decimal, We can write a one billionth as a fraction then as a decimal. So if the fraction is 1.000000000 so you have to have the 1 in its right place so it would be 0.000000001. And that is your final answer.
7} RATIO- Juan purchased 6 soccer jerseys for 105 each. What would the ratio be from 6 soccer jerseys to 12? You first have to find out how much 12 caust Which is 1,260 so the ratio would be 105:1,260 because I asked for the 6 soccer jerseys

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