Compare And Contrast Soccer And Basketball

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There are many sports in this world, many of them are popular in the United States. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. Soccer is mostly popular in European and South America, however basketball is more popular in the North America. Both of the two sports have famous matches that is world wide known. For example the National Basketball Association which is abbreviated as NBA and the Soccer World Cup. Even though soccer and basketball are both sports, there are many differences and similarities among the two.
Both of them have many similar ideas and role. First, they are all requiring teamwork sports. There are many players in each basketball game and soccer game. The players need to cooperate to win each game, whether basketball or soccer. Also, both of these sports last very long in timing. This requires player in in a good physical condition for long term game. Last, because they are long time games, they are both high strength games. These players need to keep running in the whole game, both to the audiences and the players are very intense.
Both of them have many differences in gaming. One example is the field for sports. For soccer, the field size is 90-120 meter in length and 40-90 meter in width. While the field size of basketball is 28 meters in length and 15 meters in width. In contrast, soccer field is bigger than …show more content…

First, there are two teams in a soccer match, and 11 players in each team. For the basketball match, there are two teams as same as the soccer match, but each basketball team just has 5 players.When soccer players score, it is only 1 point whereas for basketball, the goals can be worth 3 points when player shots out of 3 point lane; or 2 points when player shots inside of 3 point lane. Moreover, basketball free throws could get 1 point. In soccer matches, the players can use anywhere to touch the ball except hands. In basketball matches, the players just can use their hands to

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