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Poetry is the visual form of the human soul; for example, when one looks upon a poet’s words, they peer into the creator’s individuality. They look into their life. And that is what poetry defines: life. My first poem is by Anna Swir, and it’s “The Sea and the Man.” The sea may look perfectly calm at times, and the waves seemed to sleep, humming splashes like a lullaby. But then the sea can be a treacherous beast during a great storm. In Anna Swir’s eyes, nature is related to the experience of life itself. Our lives develop in cycles, from birth to grave, and the sea moves in tides. The sea is sometimes blue, like hardships occurring in our daily life. In the vastness of the sea, it’s easy to lose hope when there’s no sign of land. That’s the same feeling we get when we experience despair. The poet’s mood is sober, as she adds: “The eternal sea will never learn to laugh.” That’s a solemn note to end a poem that involved words such as laughter. But maybe that’s how she wanted us to perceive our lives. Laugh a lot during your life but you won’t laugh when at death. Death is …show more content…

To think that sometimes that life feels so unreal. Levertov points out that each minute of every day is the last minute, a minute that will never happen again in the history of time. For example, right this second is already passed and gone without one even realizing it. I think this author thought outside the box; her mood feels so unearthly, in my opinion. She mentions how green the leaves and grass in the summer before winter comes and they shrivel up and die. She compares nature to us: we grow up to be strong and able, until at long last we grow old and waste away. I like to think about what Milosz stated in his Nobel lecture. "’What is reality?’ for it is the same as the question of Pontius Pilate: ‘What is truth?’” Are they all an illusion? I think our existence is real, but it’s something our human minds can’t seem to

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