Anne Frank Important Quotes

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Let's talk about Anne Frank. We all remember the holocaust and how bad it was right? Well Anne Frank, her family, and a lot of other people went into hiding. There were some that were hiding with Anne and her family. The only one thing that was hiding them was a book case. Imagine hiding for your life and the only thing keeping you safe is a book case. Well little did those people know that there was a door behind that book case. But one day that all changed. As you already may know her famous quote, that's what we will be arguing. The quote is "In spite of everything, I still believe everyone is good at heart." Judging by that quote, I believe that she was a very kind girl. Now Anne was positive, she was optimistic, and she was very sweet. But those are just a few things describing her. Now I will be explaining why she was all of those things and more.

So Anne Frank was very positive as you can tell. When she was switched to the concentration camp, she was very happy and here is the quote to prove this. "It seems weird to say this... But Anne was happy in the concentration camp in Holland where they first took us." I …show more content…

Wow, those words are something, aren't they? Anne Frank is inspired my most because of her positive attitude. I hope you will always remember Anne Frank and her struggles during the holocaust. The Holocaust was something that should never be repeated. In conclusion, Anne Frank was a very positive, optimistic, and sweet girl. Anne Frank was a very inspirational person through her diary. She is still remembered and she will always be remembered. Imagine just writing in your diary and thinking no one else will ever see it. Then out of nowhere it become huge, people are reading all around the word. Hopefully you were able to learn something new today. But the thing is that all still wonder why she thought of everyone good at heart when she went through all of

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