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Anne Frank was a German-Jewish diarist. She was known for writing in a diary while hiding in World War ll from anti-Jewish persecution. Her diary describes with both humour and wisdom the two difficult years she spent hiding before her horrid death at the age of 15 at the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Annelies Marie Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Because of their Jewish faith, Anne Frank and her family fled Nazi Germany for the Netherlands in 1933 to avoid persecution. Anne’s father, Otto, had taken the family to Amsterdam, where he had established a small food products business. When Germany invaded The Netherlands in 1940, the Franks once again became subject to escalating anti-Semitic persecution. In 1941 Anne was required to transfer from a public school to a Jewish school. Secretly, Otto Frank prepared a hiding place by sealing off several rooms at the rear …show more content…

She began to write down her thoughts and experiences in the form of letters to an imaginary friend. One month later the Franks went into hiding in the office building. For the next two years the Frank family shared cramped quarters with four other Jewish people. They were discovered in 1944 and arrested. Anne Frank was then escorted to a concentration camp where she was lucky and got bumped with her mother and sister. But sadly Anne Frank died shortly a year later.
Anne Frank and her sister Margot deather were assigned to a certain date that was February 7, 1945. Anne was found by a fellow classmate/prisoner named Blitz. Blitz found Anne in very bad shape before her death. "She was no more than a skeleton by then. She was wrapped in a blanket; she couldn't bear to wear her clothes any more because they were crawling with lice," Blitz later recalled, according to the report. Multiple witnesses noted that Anne and Margot had typhus symptoms before February 7. The disease, carried by lice, normally kills within 12

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