Anne Moody's Autobiography, Coming Of Age In Mississippi

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Anne Moody was born on September 15, 1940 in Centreville Mississippi. Anne became a college student who was vigorously engulfed in Civil Rights work for different groups like Congress of Racial Equality and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The future writer was the eldest of several children. Moody had to start working by the age of four because her father wasn’t in the picture and her mother could barely make ends meet. Anne Moody had a tumultuous childhood. She feared and had to endure all the racial tensions that were in her own community. Besides facing all the racial slurs and hate she didn’t let that stop her from being a popular student and being on the basketball team. She later earned an athletic scholarship at the two-year junior college Natchez College and later earned another scholarship for her outstand academics to Tougaloo College where she graduated in 1964. Once she graduated college she worked at Corrnell University as its civil rights project coordinator. Moody later moved to New York City and published her first autobiography. In 1968, Anne Moody published her autobiography, Coming of Age in Mississippi. Anne Moody’s book earned raves upon its …show more content…

Anne Moody fought and fought and didn’t really achieve anything because we still are aware that the white man with the money has all the power. Our nation is still divided till this day. We as a country are fighting against each other instead of helping on another and coming together to become one nation. Anne Moody lived through a lot and lived long enough to see things change but to also see things go back to how they were. Not so much the slavery, but the discrimination. Nearly half a century later Anne Moody’s autobiography remains a noted volume in the library for describing inequality suffered by African Americans in her

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