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1. Research citation: a. Provide the research citation for the article in APA format. (1 point) Pelletier, J. E., Lytle, L. A., & Laska, M. N. (2015). Stress, Health Risk Behaviors, and Weight Status Among Community College Students. Health Education & Behavior, 43(2), 139-144. doi:10.1177/1090198115598983 b. Provide a web address where the article can be accessed electronically by your professor. If not available, then please provide a PDF copy (by uploading via Moodle) or a printed copy (handed in during class) of the article. (1 point) 2. Abstract: What is the format of the abstract (structured or unstructured)? (1 point) • The abstract is not structured because …show more content…

b. What are the exposure(s), disease/outcome, and population? (3 points) • The exposure(s) are health risk behaviors, stress and weight status as the outcomes, and Community College Students as the population. 6. Sample: a. Who was included in the sample (study population)? (1 point) • Community College Students were included in the sample. b. Was anyone excluded from participating, and if so, who were they and why were they excluded? (1 point) • There were students who were ineligible to participate in the study. Eligibility screenings were provided prior to the study, and those excluded in the study contain the following:  Students age >35 years (27%), BMI ≥35 kg/m2 (19%) or < .05 was the significance level set by the researcher. 9. Discussion: a. What do the researchers conclude from the results? (1 point) • According to the results of the study, two-year community college students are more likely than 4-year students to represent racial minorities and economically disadvantaged groups, which proposes that high stress levels may be common among community college students based on their health risk

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