Anti-Islam Analysis

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Anti-Americanism meaning opposite or hostile over the American people, government or policy. In the Middle East counties, anti-Americanism is a common thing. It already been there since several years ago, since the establishment of Israel state in the middle of Palestine. Even before that phase, US-Arab countries was a ‘friend’. The last time the United States was unequivocally loved was in 1919 when Woodrow Wilson spoke about the right to national self-determination. The Arabs saw in that very American principle the prospects of their freedom from colonial rule. As the century wore on, it became clear that the United States supported—albeit very ambivalently at first—the Jews' as well as the Arabs' right to national self-determination in Palestine…show more content…
The film is about 14 minutes trailer titled Innocence of Muslims, the movie depicts the Prophet Muhammad in what Muslims say is a derogatory manner. Lots of Muslim countries in Middle East and others protested to some diplomatic mission and caused US Ambassador, Chris Stevens and three embassy officials are killed in US Consulate in Libya . These kind of thing lead the anti-Americanism into deeply hatred over US.

Overall, the main cause of anti-Americanism arise in Arab world is because the US policy that assessed much harm Arab surrounding and Muslims, only for its own interest. The other factor that based on religion appears are not solely about religion or kin relationship, yet it truly affected by the US policy.

In response to the emergence of anti-Americanism by the Arab Worlds, the US tried to fix it. Due to the high important of public perception toward its country. Some Muslim counties in Middle East, anti-Americanism remains pervasive. If there is an aid from US, the majority of Muslim countries doubt the sincerity. Instead, most say it is an effort to control Middle East oil and to try to have hegemony power over Arabs world. According to US, those hatred can lead to terrorism and US government need some
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