Antigone's Justification In The Trial Of Creon

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Then comes Antigone, the girl who thinks she has the right to act against the law. This poses a moral dilemma for Creon, as Antigone is his niece, the last of the descendants of Oedipus. However, Antigone makes the decision easier by explicitly taking pride in her actions and slighting his uncle. Her justification is merely that Creon’s law is not the mandate of her God, and that the burial of a family is more imperative than all else (500-523). When confronted by Creon with Polynices’ treacherous crime, she cannot put up any defense. Instead, she dodges the question by saying Eteocles is dead and cannot testify (581). I would like everyone here to consider one question, since I believe your wisdom and reason match your seniority: what would

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