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Imperialism DBQ Throughout the history of the world, imperialism has played a major role. Imperialism is one nation taking over another by social, economical, political aspects. This policy was introduced and also practiced in Europe during the 1800’s and the early 1900’s. The foreign policy of Imperialism was the product of The Industrial revolution. Imperialism took place in Great Britain in the late 1800’s. After a short while it began to gradually spread throughout Europe and this was a very important factor of the colonization of Africa. Many Europeans thought that Imperialism was the discovery of a lifetime and that it was for the good of Africa but the outcomes were the opposite of what they thought, European Imperialism …show more content…

According to A Denunciation of European Imperialism, spoken by Nnamdi Azikiwe in 1949, he sees the idea of imperialism as a crime against humanity, because it enables any part of the human race which is armed with modern scientific knowledge to rule less fortunate sections of mankind, because the weaker force is unable to resist rule( Document 8). As Azikiwe explains, Imperialism is a crime against humanity that enables the less fortunate people to be ruled without their consent by the people with more power. This demonstrates that imperialism was harmful because it states how imperialism was such a demanding force and how it left many Africans with no power over their countries and themselves. In the Golden Coast Leader, The Editorial Notes state, Indirect rule is a system by which an alien government is enabled to place a Native state in the hollow of its hands and in such a way that it has only to pull wires to start a chief and his people dancing to its piping( Document 10). The Editorial Notes point out that many of the African leaders and Chiefs were being controlled by European political officers. This is important because it shows how the Europeans were controlling the Africans behind the scenes and not letting them rule their regions how they wanted to and basically dictating their every move with their …show more content…

According to African Perspectives on colonialism, written by A.Adu Boahen in 1987, The elite produced by these colonial educational were with few exceptions people who were alienated from their own society in terms of their dress, outlook, and tastes in food, music,and even dance…. They worshipped European culture… and looked down upon their own( Document 2). Essentially what A.Adu Boahen is saying is that the Africans became more alienated from their culture as the European created the colonial education system. The fact that the creation of the colonial schools caused many Africans to be deprived of their culture and even look down upon it shows that European imperialism was harmful. In The Dual Mandate of British Tropical Africa, Fredrick Lugard states ,We are endeavoring to teach the native races to conduct their own affairs with justice and humanity, and to educate them alike in letters and in industry( Document 9). As Frederick Lugard's explains the Europeans taught the Africans how to conduct their own affairs with justice and humanity. This demonstrates that European imperialism was harmful because it shows how the Europeans were not acknowledging that Africans could teach themselves how to do many of the things that European people were doing their

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