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Chapter 6 Question E In classical conditioning, whether we are human beings or animals, our first learning is acquisition. Classical conditioning happens upon the appearance of 2 stimuli put together, this occurs effortlessly and unconsciously. Acquisition is the link of the unconditional stimulus and a conditioned stimulus. US, stimulus that produces a reply without previous knowledge. CS, a formerly neutral stimulus that evokes a conditioned response after being linked with the US. In order for this to function well we need contiguity and contingency. As mentioned above this process is quite effortlessly and it even happens unconsciously. Therefore, dogs can be fairly train within a reasonable amount of time to be service dogs with the help of contiguity and contingency. Just like humans, dogs need as much company as we do. Being able to have that mutual bond and being able to help their owners’ is crucial for both the dog and their owners. Learning is a permanent change within us, it develops through our personal experience. Once a method is learned, we do not have to learn that procedure again. Basically, …show more content…

Service dogs save lives, they are trained to carry out tasks for their owners among other things. They are crucial for people whom have medical problems. In the peer-reviewed article: Service Dog Training Program for Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress in Service Members. Relates how Rick Yount, a social worker was inspired by his golden retriever pup to create the GRAD program. During the program, trained dogs helped at-risk teens to develop social and emotional skills. Such programs are an effective way to treat medical symptoms without actual medicine, such as pills and so on. Besides that, these dogs are highly skilled service dogs capable of giving social support and mobility assistance to enhance their owner’s quality of live (Yount, Olmert and Lee

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