Aphra Behn's Connecting The Government In Oroonoko?

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Aphra Behn 's exploration into Surinam and seeing their way of life and rich culture helped influence the creation of Oroonoko. Much of the novel has an in-depth relation to Surinam 's way of life and their social status. Behn creates a story that involves the very nature of Slavery during the 1640 's and the impact it had on their society. Throughout the novel, Oroonoko is tricked, lied and stripped of his rights as a human to serve as a prisoner in the slave trade. Despite the unique characteristics Oroonoko has, he is still considered to be a slave and must take drastic measures to protect his family. In the novel, it manages to create its own world that symbolizes real world problems during Aphra Behns lifetime because of the relation to her government and the society she lived in. Not only did Behns manage to replicate her own world, but also ridicule and question their very own structure. In the novel one of the major themes is the Government and the symbolization it represents for the author. Connecting the Government in Oroonoko to the author 's own can be viewed by the comparisons both have with each other. Oroonoko manages to capture the greed, corruption and inhumane acts of their government with the mass business of slave trade and discriminating laws against their very own people to only further their profits. The British Government in the novel is described to treat the people of their colony horrible because the way the people look. Behn writes in the novel,
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