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By 1775 the relationship attitude of the American colonist towards the British led to the American Revolution. Leading up to this event we can trace back to 1763 when British leaders began to try take control of the colonist. The British had set up a policy prohibiting people to settling in the west.Throughout the years the American colonists have changed their attitudes towards the British politically, economically, and socially by the 1775. Politically the British and the colonies were loyal and support to each other between 1700-1763. Economically through 1770 the colonist were not happy that the British were starting to be controlling towards their freedom and financially. Socially from 1770-1775 the colonist attitude towards the British …show more content…

In document J “TARRED AND FEATHERED” in 1774 the cartoon shows how the colonist are angry at the British because they are done with them controlling them. The colonist feel that they don 't deserve to deal with this. The colonist decides to take action by dumping the taxed tea into the ocean and pour hot tea down their throats. By what the colonists have done this shows how much anger they have toward the British because now they are just being way too controlling with no actual power. In document L “BOSTONIANS IN DISTRESS” CARTOON we can see a bunch of colonies locked up in a cell that is on the liberty tree while they are being fed by the British . The colonies feel and are being treated like slaves by the British but now they are done with them they want them out of their lives. In document N “CAPTAIN PRESTON INTERVIEW” Captain Preston uses the words “we” and “they” to differentiate between the colonist and the British saying that they have no relationship with them. Preston has put everything aside and wants nothing to do with the British after all they have done to them. Preston tells us that they wanted nothing to do with the British over how they treat the

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