Are People Are Evil Reasons To Blame?

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Are people really evil? Or is it their actions to blame? I believe that both a person and their actions can be evil. For we are humans that can be corrupted and become jealous over things, thus tainting our actions. But i also strongly believe that our actions can easily tinge our self, causing us to change into something evil, even if it 's just for a period of time. First I’ll explain how a person can be evil. On page 29, on “The Stranger” Raymond voices, “I’m not a bad guy, but i have a short temper.” Which he later on explains to Meursault how the smallest of things can make him explode. Raymond then begins to tell him about the encounter he had on the train.About how a stranger had approached Raymond ready to fight him, instead of ignoring the stranger, Raymond gets off the train and fights him.On the same page 29, Raymond says, “So you see, he (stranger) asked for it.” As we see the man who had decided to go up to Raymond and just try to fight him was an evil person with evil intentions. Raymond can also be classified as an evil guy, since on Chapter 4 page 35 it talks about how while Marie and Meursault were having lunch they heard a woman 's scream and Raymond 's voice after yelling, “ You used me, you used.I’ll teach you to use me.” he then started to hit the women that Raymond had been yelling at. Later on after the cop …show more content…

Now lastly we will see how a person can be good with their actions. In “The Stranger” , Meursault says, “ I went to the movies twice with Emmanuel, who doesn’t understand what is going on the screen.” On page 34 it states how Meursault helps Emmanuel , “...You have explain things to him.” As we see , and read we learned that both times that Meursault had gone to the movies with Emmanuel, Meursault was nice enough to explain what was going on, on the screen so Emmanuel could also enjoy the movie. As we see Meursault can be a good person with good intentions helping Emmanuel despite what he had done to the Arab later on in the

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