Argumentative Essay About Youth Sports

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All around the world, young children and teens are playing all different types of sports that you can name. Like basketball, football, or even baseball. They like these sports because they are fun to play. However, kid’s sporting events can get a little too intense. Sports for the youth are getting a huge number of injuries. Parents and coaches are making kids all tensed up in a single sport. But, others think that this would teach the kid how to physically play that certain sport and push them to get better at that sport. Kids that start sports too early can lead to bad health, kids are getting pressured in the sport, kids are getting more injuries from the present then the past. Here is what the one side has to say about youth sports. If young children and teens only does one yearly rounded sport, that does not lead to good health for the kid or teen. There is some research to help back this up. Studies show that if a kid plays one sport yearly rounded, they would have more injuries, anxiety, and depression from that one sport and intensely training for that sport. There are also other symptoms for this. The kid could have physical, emotional, and social…show more content…
They think that this would teach young athletes the value of discipline and hard work. However, there are some research that disagrees with the argument. From 1990 to 2014, the rate of concussions and closed head injuries increased almost 1,600 percent in youth soccer. In youth baseball, for ages 8 to 16, more than 95 patients in the Boston Children’s Hospital. This increased from 1999 to 2013 in diagnosed cases. About 13 percent of the patients had elbow pain, which the common age of elbow pain was the age of 13. At the age of seven, kids join travel teams so they can enjoy the sport. 70 percent of most kids in the US drop out at the age of 13 mainly because they are pressured to perform better and lack of enjoyment of the
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