Argumentative Essay: Making A Murderer

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Advantage Taken When a person is interrogated, the police do not try to make him comfortable. Their goal is to make him squirm and admit to something, thus leading to a full-blown confession. Episode four of Making a Murderer focused partially on Brendon Dassey. Brendon Dassey simply fell victim to the pressuring of the police. They took advantage of his ignorance. Men both smarter and more mature than Dassey have cracked under the extreme pressure. His story changed, though, and that aided the prosecutors in a few ways. If he can’t get his story straight, he must be guilty. Right? Personally, I believe that this theory is wrong. Brendon’s IQ was in the low 70s range, which means that he likely has a disability. The police figured this out and took advantage of that. They coerced a confession out of Brendon because they could. …show more content…

But his attorney wasn’t there, so then he was dismissed. But then the focus shifted from Brendon Dassey. The Steven Avery defense argued that the State planted evidence. Plausible? Yes. I mean, the defendant was convicted of a rape that seemed to have so much evidence that supported the fact that he wasn’t even in the area at the time of the crime. I can’t come up with a motive for the police to frame him, but I’m fairly certain they did. A vial of Steven Avery’s blood was on record from prior convictions. The defense found it. The package had obviously been opened, and in the stopper, there was a little hole. The crime lab didn’t do that. So the spotty blood in the RAV4 and the key found on the…what? Eighth search of Avery’s home? Well, they weren’t evidence for the State’s case anymore, or at least not to me. On the car key, Teresa Halbach’s DNA wasn’t even found in the creases. It would’ve been cleaned to a great degree to get her fingerprints off of that. The blood in the car was supposedly because of a cut on Avery’s finger. But there were no fingerprints

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