Tarrasa V. Brenden Case

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Brenden was put in jail for admitting he helped Steven with the murder of Tarrasa. When Brenden was arrested some of Stevens family turned on him. Brenden’s mom believed he was influenced by his 43-year-old uncle to do bad things. On March 31st Steven is interviewed by the associated press discussing his nephew. Steven tries to send a message to his nephew through the news. Len Brenden’s attorney doesn’t try and help Brenden at all throughout the case because he believes Brenden is innocent. On May 12th they denied Brenden’s statement because it was not good enough. They questioned Brenden without an attorney and it was probably the worst thing they have ever done to him. They tell Brenden they don’t want any more lies that they wanted nothing but the truth. They ask him “would you ever do this again” Brenden’s response was no because I didn’t do it in the first place. They want Brenden to testify against Steven and tell the truth so he can be released from jail. The second day we watched the investigators find Avery’s blood left in the vehicle but there were no fingerprints of his at all in …show more content…

They order the FBI to do a new chemical test but Steven’s lawyer believes they are going to find another way to lie through that. February 12th start Avery’s trial and Bobby Dassey was a whiteness for Teresa’s lawyer. Bobby says “Steven asked him if he wanted to help get rid of the body” which was a big eye opener for the judge. Teresa’s brother testified to listening to his sister’s voicemails but denied deleting some of them. Then it leaves us thinking well who did? Teresa’s ex-boyfriend was never treated as a suspect in this case. They say Avery was the last person to see Teresa but Avery says “how can that be when I saw her leave that day”. Earl gives permission for them to search the junk yard and they found Teresa’s

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