Argumentative Essay On Exotic Animals Rights

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Exotic animals have rights too when it comes to how they live. We have options when it comes to what domesticated animal we want and the animals we usually choose from are already domesticated. So, dogs, cats, and maybe even hamsters are domesticated which means that they are according to the National Geographic website “animals that have been selectively bred and genetically adapted over generations to live alongside humans.” Exotic animals have not been domesticated so, we should not treat them like they have been. Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that discusses the moral rights of animals and it is the theory I am using to discuss my topic about animals. When connecting this theory and topic I come to question if people should keep exotic animals in their homes? If I was to ask a utilitarian this question they would not be in favor of people having exotic animals in their homes if they believed that the animals were suffering and ultimately the animals are going to suffer. In the book “Living Ethics an Introduction with …show more content…

In the book “Living Ethics an Introduction with Readings” page 217 there is an argument called the dependency argument. This argument states that “ If animals depend for their existence or their sustenance on humans, then humans have a right to treat those animals in any way that best suits human interests.” It also states that “Humans have a right to treat farm and lab animals in any way that best suits human interests.” These arguments are saying that if a human were to take care of an exotic animal and if that animal becomes dependent on you then you get to keep the animal and treat it how you want. It also says that the best way to treat these animals is the way hat best interests you so, if you find that the best way to treat a tiger is by striking it constantly then that is

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