Argumentative Essay On Homosexuality

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Homosexuality was once considered sacred in ancient Rome, albeit being treated poorly since the middle ages. Like this, homosexuality has been suppressed for a long time and thenceforth, the public opinion towards it has been on a downward road until recent years when LGBT groups started stepping up front and coming out along with the increasing controversy towards their rights. The subject of homosexuality has always been polemical. Every once in a while a news article would come up saying something like "Manny Pacquiao provokes storm by calling gay people ‘worse than animals’" or "Sam Smith Talks Coming Out As Gay". Issues like these may well be controversial, being based on an individual 's creed and principles. After researching for months about homosexuality, I came to a conclusion that the homosexuals should be treated no less than the heterosexuals. What the antagonists of homosexuality say are: it is unnatural; it is against the divine will of God, it runs counter to the tradition and more. Occasionally someone would bring up a "real" problem but most of the claims by the opposing side stand on the basis of a highly subjective valuation. As a result, they had to go to great lengths to expound on their position. Au contraire, the arguments advocates of homosexuality make are grounded in firm, objective facts. Few examples of their arguments are: LGBs should be guaranteed their rights because they are like any other person and a person 's sexual orientation is

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