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Have you ever seen the person you like with someone else, and get this sudden urge to do anything to keep them apart? In the tragedy, Medea, by Euripides, tells the story of Medea a woman who was betrayed by her husband, Jason, and she will do the most unbelievable thing to get revenge on her husband. Medea, is a cruel person, who will do anything to make her husband suffer. The Nurse is talking to Tutor, about the betrayal that Jason has done to Medea, and fears that she could do something. For example, the Nurse says:
I am afraid she may think of some dreadful thing, for her heart is violent. She will never put up with the treatment she is getting. I know and fear her Lest she may sharpen a sword and thrust to the heart, Stealing into the palace where the bed is made, Or even kill the king and the new-wedded groom, And thus bring a greater misfortune on herself (Medea 2).

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That will be the best thing.
And you, keep them to themselves as much as possible. Don’t bring them near their mother in her angry mood. For I’ve seen her already blazing her eyes at them
As though she meant some mischief and I am sure that
She’ll not stop raging until she has struck at someone (Medea 4).

The use of visual imagery is implied with the words “blazing her eyes” which shows how Medea is looking at her children as she shows anger, which leads the Nurse to believe that Medea could hurt her own children, just to seek revenge. During this time in ancient Greek, it was common for people with money to have servants, and take care of their children and everything that needed to be done around the house.
The villain side of Medea is portrayed when she talks about how she will get revenge on Jason for leaving her for another woman. Medea says:
That, though he could have made nothing of all my plans
By exiling me, he has given me this one day
To stay here, and in this I will make dead bodies
Of three of my enemies--father, the girl, and my

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