The Various Forms Of Reflexivity (HTML)

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Reflexivity (-- removed HTML --)
It is imperative that people understand the actual extent of violence against women, the various forms that it takes (as mentioned above) and its prevalence. This is important because in many cultures around the world patriarchy (one of the main factors in instances of abuse) is very much alive and the girls and women that grow up in these societies are brought up to believe that the abuse they endure is normal, in other words; they deserve to be abused because they are women. It is because of such reasons that the issue of violence against women deserves to be at the forefront because too many atrocious acts against women are still seen as lawful in many societies. Another advantage of raising awareness is …show more content…

It should also be noted that even though it is not everyone that will hit a woman, sexually harass her or even rape; we are all complicit if we turn a blind eye or dismiss anyone of these incidents as a fluke. As we have noted recently in the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein (a Hollywood media giant); many people have now come forward saying they were victims of his or that they were in some form aware of what was going on but they kept quiet because of fear. This only goes to show the depth of the issue and how we as society should put more effort into making sure that the victims of such violent acts never have to question whether they will receive support or not or if they will find justice. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --)
Violence against women is a potential problem in any woman's life as long as the law and society take a lackadaisical approach to it. Walking down the street will forever be a risk as long as cat-calling and stalking is viewed as "men just being men" and not as sexual harassment. One should also remember that violence against women does not stop the woman but has ripple effects, such as children that are exposed to it early on and therefore grow up to be abusers themselves, and who is to say that you, your friend …show more content…

It is there to open your eyes to the harsh realities of the real world but at the same time it also provides solutions, and where there are no solutions it gives you the tools to find your own. I find that university is there to ignite a passion in each and every person hence why we have student activism. Student activism is necessary for social change because students are seen as the future and therefore community leaders are more likely to pay attention. Since students are the future, that means they are the future policymakers and thereby hold the keys to the change that they envision. (-- removed HTML

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