Argumentative Essay On Warman Theatre

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When I think of theatre I think of Shakespeare. One of the greats who played a big part in establishing theatre in the world. Of course, Shakespeare’s time period was quite a long time ago, he himself does not live on into this world. Theatre itself, as well as his work, has continued on living into our time. How long will this art last? After reading the article, for the most part agree with what Warman is saying. Warman says that theatre is supposed to be mischiefious, playful mischief. Warman believes that when watching a performance, you’re supposed to be taken out of your world, into a new reality. If you can’t engage the audience into a new reality then they will be bored. Boredom is a plague to the world of theatre. Once an …show more content…

Theatre is a beautiful art form. Warman mentions in the article that overtime people gained more freetime in which that time is usually boring. I felt that theatre played a big part in filling that bored time slot. Long ago when theatre was just starting out, there wasn’t a lot to do. They didn’t have cellphones to get on, or video games to play. They would go to the theatre and see a play. Warmen said that you went to the theatre to have fun, correct? That’s sucessful theatre. Theatre has to of been sucessful for it to of survived this long. With technology being where it is, why does theatre still exist? If you were new to our planet, why would you ever go to a play over a movie? A movie has all the special effects, there are no messups and you don’t even have to leave your home. With all of this people still go to plays? A large quantity of them beiing young people according to Warman. I believe this is because theatre goes above and beyond in making a personal connection with the audience. When you watch a movie you have no connection with it. There are all kinds of great movies, but you have no connection to a motion picture. In a play the audience is all part of the play. Theatre is all live. There human touch to it. There is room for error. What if someone slips and falls? What if the actor forgets his line? That is all improvisation which is what makes a play so unique. Would the audience

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