Argumentative Essay: The Abolition Of Private Prisons

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I believe that the the abolition of private prisons would be the best course of action to take. It is completely unconstitutional, from my perspective, to allow enterprises to make a profit off of prisoners, who are, in reality, just people who have made a mistake. It is a given that there are exceptions to this, but as Representative Ellison stated, “Incarceration should be about rehabilitation, not profit.” The fact that nothing has been done due to the clutch these corporations have on legislators is terrifying to me, and taking a stance against them would be sending a message to all wealthy businesses across the U.S., making it clear that the government can not be bought out. In a cost-benefit analysis, as the Justice is Not for Sale Act provides, it is much more fiscally responsible to invest in the rehabilitation of inmates than it is to hire private prisons. …show more content…

These companies are not well regulated and costly, and support legislation that benefits their income. They have no incentive to rehabilitate, in fact just the opposite, and are therefore wasting lives trying to earn more money. The abolition of private prisons in the United States is a necessary course of action to ensure the maximum health of the

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