Argumentative Essay: The American Dream

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The American Dream is a powerful phrase used amongst people who migrate to a country to give their family a better life. The saying is used more often than we know but not many know the struggle and diversities a lot of people have to overcome their meaning of the American Dream. Families come from different parts of the world to give their children a second chance at life but does anyone actually talk about the adversity that a lot of working classes need to achieve this goal. As we know most of the children that experience this are young and do not know much of the struggle that our parents had to overcome. The American dream can be very biased and have many different meanings due to everyone's ideas and motive to what the phrase can mean. …show more content…

In an Article written by, Adam Barone, “The American dream is believed to be achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, rather than by chance.”(Barone, A. (2023, January 19). What is the American Dream? examples and how to measure it. Investopedia. Retrieved March 19, 2023) Than most of us can remember, our grandparents and those before made the big leap of migrating to the states to give us a better shot at life. Many families who had the opportunity to get to the states often leave their family behind and start with nothing and build their way to the goal they want to achieve. Many women and men who leave their family behind often went through adversity since they are no longer in the norm they were used to. Being exposed to different languages, food, clothing, and many more created a culture shock where they had to adapt quickly to the changes. Although, the changes created a bit of a struggle, through hard work and perseverance, oftentimes they get a breakthrough that will ultimately change the course of their reality. One good opportunity can go such a long way and change the course of one's life. The motivation to never give up and to continue to fight for the shot that the people before them could not achieve. Regardless of our status or class that places us in our society, each of us have our own view of success and where we have the possibility of moving upward in our lives regardless of some

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