Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Ponyboy And Johnny

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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY “You really killed him, huh, Johnny?” “Yeah.” So here Johnny says that he killed Bob. But was it an accident? Was it his intend to do it? Ponyboy and Johnny had picked up Cherry and Marcia from the movies earlier that night. Then they started walking over to Two-Bit’s when Bob and Randy spotted Cherry and Marcia and took them. They then came across Ponyboy and Johnny later that night at the park and then the incident took place. Maybe Johnny did kill Bob in self-defense. But what did Bob have to do with hurting them. From all my evidence I find that Johnny is guilty of murder. And here is why. The night of the incident Bob wasn't the one drowning Ponyboy and wasn’t beating up Johnny. So why was he the one who ended up dead and not David?“ ‘Give the kid a bath David.’ ‘I ducked and tried to run for it, but the soc caught me.’ ” Here Ponyboy clearly says “the soc” meaning it wasn’t Bob drowning him. But with all the anger Johnny had towards Bob beating him up, he decided to use that as an excuse to kill bob for vengeance. …show more content…

He said he wasn’t going to let anyone jump/scare him again like that ever again. “Not over his dead body were they ever going to scare him like that again.” This tells us that whoever it is who jumps him will be the next one dead. Which is evidence to why he killed Bob. Bob didn’t actually jump them, but Johnny was afraid that he was going to get beat up again the same way he was found last time. Meaning that since Bob was there and Johnny wasn’t going to let anyone scare him like that ever again, he killed Bob. In vengeance of what he did to him and because he wasn’t willing to go through the same thing again and live in fear for the rest of his

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