Arguments Against Drug Decriminalization

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A country where all drugs are legalized can be the perfect economic and social compromise. Ultimately, it contains the both of best worlds as it would allow for the economy to flourish due to the infusion of new income from tax reforms. Drug liberalization is the next step for the United States for us to become a new country with limited violence less drug abuse and a better prison system. Drug liberalization needs to happen and happen fast for the progression of the people as a civilization.
Portugal in 2001 decided to take the initiative to decriminalize all drugs within the country. Within the limitations as there are restrictions to how much is legally allowed to be carried. If we look at the statistic for which Portugal has benefited from, when we see the drug us that has continued into adulthood in 2001 it was about 45% to about 27% in 2012 which shows how the prevalence in today’s society. This statistic can show how the exposure to drugs …show more content…

So why not attack the problem at the fuse directly? The world could be totally different as we have lost so many potential world changers and future leaders due to our war on drugs. The difference is on the way and should happen soon. Now if we look at the not so obvious benefits of the decriminalization of all drugs. Imagine a society where medical offices are allowed to make strides in cancer as HIV we have already discussed would start to have a decreasing rate in the reduction of needle sharing within society. We would also be promoting small business as a lot of dispensaries for certain drugs would start to open up giving struggling families a new source of income. We also would be able to reduce the income tax in America as we now have a greater source of revenue for the government which allows for the consumers to keep their hard-earned dollar to put back into our market to help us advance economically. The United

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