Arguments Against Plea Bargaining

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Plea Bargaining: Should it be abolished in the United States criminal justice system? Millions of criminals each year are absolved of charges and set back into society, endangering all citizens, while millions of innocent individuals are deprived of their right to justice. This happens due, in part, to plea bargains made for the benefit of said criminal - not only does America’s justice system ignore the needs of innocent families in exchange for their salary, but they don’t bat an eye at the further harm done by the offenders after they so recklessly let them go. Thus, plea bargaining is a major factor in the grief of many families across the nation. “The very essence of deterrence is credibility.” (Source C) Criminals set back into society …show more content…

“Eliminating plea bargaining will increase the degree of accountability that defense attorneys are held to.” (Source A) If the attorneys become more motivated, the entire community is safer, and there would be a provenly smaller error margin in the courts. Also, from the evidence previously selected, anyone can see that leaving plea bargaining as it is would be to excuse attorneys from any type of hard work or dedication. Therefore, it would be condemning the innocent people who lose in court as a result of the half-caring lawyers. Most people are at least somewhat invested in their own self interest, so no attorney is likely to feel an obligation to perform - they crave the growth of their salary, not allies. It is obvious that ridding our system of plea bargains would force them to work to succeed, and this would result in an increased interest in their clients. The innocent would finally receive with the service they deserve, and overall, there would be less court corruption. Getting rid of plea bargaining would definitely be in the best interest of the

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