Arguments Against The Use Of Genetically Modified Foods

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The use of Genetically Modified Foods has been a controversial topic for quite some time. Many are for, and many are against the use of such heinous methods of mass production. Those that are against it argue that the use of GMO's is not wanted and the foods that contain it are not properly labeled; the experts, such as Dr. Judy Carmen, say they are unsafe for the animals that consume these chemicals on a daily basis; they are also unsafe for unborn children and their mothers. Therefore, GMO's are not positive or healthy chemicals and everyone needs to stop using and consuming them. GMO’s, by definition, are genetically modified organisms that are created by changing the genetic construction in ways that would not be normal in the natural world. That being said, there is a lot of protest against the use of GMO’s. More than 70% of Americans have been reported stating they do not want genetically modified foods (consumer reports. Org). Also, GMO labeling is not required in the US, even though 92% of Americans want their companies to label their food. Vermont has taken things into their own hands because the Federal Government is being difficult. Colorado and Oregon State …show more content…

As we all know, anything a mother ingests, the fetus will receive at least some of. This means that whatever toxin a mother consumes, their unborn child receives at least a small portion of it. Studies lead scientists to believe that allergies, abnormalities, miscarriage, and cancer are all possible side effects of ingesting GMO's while impregnated ( Though there is no solid conclusion as to what happens when a mother introduces an unborn child to GMO’s, there are enough negative occurrences that many people are not willing to risk it. Therefore, mothers and fathers with the expectancy of a child soon or in the future should not risk their child’s safety by consuming

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