Gmos Are Harmful? Not If Science Matters: Article Summary

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10 Studies Proving GMOs are Harmful? Not if Science Matters

This article, written by Layla Katiraee in November of 2015, argues with several misconceptions that the general public sees about GMOs. She, Layla, lists ten popular ideas that people have against GMOs and then proceeds to tell us why we should not be concerned by that idea. The first idea she brings up is the theory that toxins from GMOs show up in maternal and fetal blood. This, obviously, would be a sign showing that GMOs can, in fact, affect one’s offspring. Layla argues, though, that a popular study showing that this is true, is simply inaccurate. She says that a mother would have to consume unrealistic amounts of corn to actually have toxins from the corn’s GMOs in her maternal …show more content…

This is popularly-believed and feared. Layla says that idea is simply a misconception. She says that it is not integrated in our DNA but rather simply floats in the space between our cells – as does DNA from ALL food. The next topic Layla tackles is the idea that GMOs create popular gluten disorders. Layla tells us, though, that no study has actually proven this and even the Celiac Disease Foundation and confirmed GMOs have nothing to do with gluten disorders. She goes on to deface a fourth misconception that GMOs are linked to rat tumors. To prove this inaccurate, she simply tells the reader that the study was rigged and few rats were used. Also, the rats that were used were very susceptible to tumors – not allowing for accurate feedback in the study. Her fifth, sixth, seventh, and eight points are going against the thought that GMOs increase glyphosate levels in the human body and therefore increases one’s chances greatly of having a disease or disorder. Layla tells us that this is not true whatsoever. She says that the studies attempting to prove this were done in a very biased manner and were never peer reviewed. She states that they “created” the results from the study that they

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