Genetically Modified Food Persuasive Essay

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Living in a society that has entered the world of technology and science has created potential for endless innovation opportunities. By taking advantage of this field, some procedures have provoked a negative response, such as the issue of genetically modified food. Due to our large population of nearly 7.4 billion, its become essential to understand and utilize what we know about food production to maintain our species. With the many possibilities that genetic modification has sparked, health and ethical problems have become a topic of disagreement for a significant amount of the public. So far, genetic food modification has been the answer to our drastic population growth, but many have accused it to cause cancer, assist to the destruction of the environment, and accumulate horrible future health risks for children. Having a thin line between what is acceptable and not has created the question of; “Should genetically modified food continue to be produced and consumed or is it too harmful and should no longer be allowed?” …show more content…

GMO is in almost everything we eat and for a significant period of time, many people didn't care about what the food contained and how it was affecting us. Now, with society being more outspoken about heath, living a healthy and GM-free eating lifestyle is now becoming more common. Although this isn't the case for everyone, its important to know that the public is becoming more aware of what they consume. In addition, I am intrigued to see how much of the accusation on GM foods is true, and if they are, to what

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