Arrest Process Research Paper

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Arrest Process (Kevin Michael O’Brian) One of the biggest and most strenuous problems our society faces today is the use and abuse of narcotics. Not only is this an epidemic, but it is one of the hardest things to prevent and regulate. The data shows that not only does drug use result in crime, but a staggering 17% of all state prisoners admitted to committing their crime to obtain drugs. You can see why this is a huge issue in today’s society. Not only are people stealing from their own family members in order to feed their addiction, but they are also wasting tax payer’s money by constantly sitting in prison for committing said crimes. This is a serious epidemic that we need to control, although it may be hard, we can start by increasing …show more content…

On the new report you can see an on-site photo which was taken of the seizure. In the photo you can see the vast quantity of marijuana Kevin was trafficking, which totaled up to have an estimated street value of $157,000. Organizations such as the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws have been fighting for the decriminalization of marijuana for ages, and currently this particular organization “seeks repeal of the legislated criminal penalties and to combat public misconceptions that have contributed to the prohibition of marijuana.” (Knox College). However, unlike the said organization, I am antithetical and think that the legalization of marijuana will lead to turmoil in the US financial system. Opposed to this, “NORML has consistently supported decriminalizing adults ' responsible use of marijuana for personal, medicinal, and therapeutic reasons. NORML suggests the establishment of a legally regulated and taxed market for marijuana and seeks changes that would enable users to purchase the drug in a safe and secure environment and cultivate marijuana for personal use.” (Knox College). Influencing the movement of more marijuana in the streets causes great risks for the youth by having it so easily accessible to them. The extreme marketing tactics inflicted by the big marijuana industries will be a similar situation to what happened with the tobacco industry years ago. Marijuana should be taken as a medical remedy and not a financial gain by the government. By having a hefty and easily obtainable amount of marijuana on the streets we allow our youth to gain access to this drug stimulating the “stepping stone” effect which inevitably leads to the use of harder drugs. Extreme marketing techniques from marijuana distributors will attract consumers by using tacky and attractive

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