Art's Influence On Renaissance Art

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The Renaissance re-established Western art particularly that of Greek decent, such as sculpture and painting. Artists and thinkers of this time looked for ideals and influence of ancient Greece and Rome artists to create bigger and better pieces of work. Art was used as an escape and a sense of confidence. In the visual arts, according to the Italian Renaissance Art Encyclopedia, humanism stood for “ the development of people and figures, with advancements in realism, caused by increased availability to techniques such as linear perspective. Additionally, art of this time was expanding on portraying honorable pieces with great detail and expansion (Encyclopedia of Art 1).” The expanding idea that man controlled human destiny, rather than …show more content…

However, during the Renaissance, artists had access to learning about shading, space, and perspective, allowing for more intricate pieces of art. As we have learned in class, the access to this education has allowed themes to go from abstract to purposeful in that the artist can creat a symmetrical, realistic, and rational piece of art. New techniques were responsible for the huge growth and development in Renaissance art. While doing Internet research to find what influence the Renaissance truly had on art, I discovered a Renaissance Art History site that was extremely insightful. This author stated that the Renaissance was noted for four things. “A revival of Green and Roman art styles, a faith in humanism, the mastery of painting techniques, such as depth and foreshadowing, and the realism of figures and faces enhanced by oil painting (Encyclopedia of Art …show more content…

The advancement in art shows the importance of education, even in literature, and the progression into a more detailed and expansive era of art. Prior to this era, everything was focused on religion, whether it be books or painting, and the Renaissance was the first evidence of moving away from a religiously dominated artistic culture. However, as interest grew in areas of life not governed by the church, art began to change too, which is what made the Renaissance time period so

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