Atomic Bomb Dbq Essay

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Following WWII, in 1945, the division of Korea was initiated. The Soviet Union established a pro-communist government on the Northside of Korea and Americans created a pro-democratic government on the Southside of Korea. After the division, known as the 38th parallel, occurred, North Korea began to attack again. This attack consisted of both the South and North pushing each other farther from the 38th parallel until the Chinese troops drove them back to the 38th parallel. The United States and The Soviet Union knew the war was not going anywhere but still persisted to continue. McArthur, an American general, believed The United States should have used the atomic bomb to completely end the war. At this time, however, The Soviet Union also had …show more content…

Throughout the days, many people disagreed with the fact that Truman had fired MacArthur but, over time, the numbers gradually decreased. On May 7th, the number of Americans that supported Truman were higher than the ones who did not. Americans were beginning to agree with the idea that the atomic bomb was a dangerous military weapon that should not be used if it affects a great number of people. Truman’s decision to not drop the bomb was right because it kept some sort of peace between the countries and did not set off WWIII. Furthermore, in document B(Textbook B), it explains how North Korea made the first move on the war. It also mentions how North Korea betrayed the other countries by saying there would be a peace between them but instead they were planning the war. This evidence demonstrates how even though The United States was invaded, they did not use the atomic bomb. Truman had every right to use the atomic bomb and put North Korea to their place, but he decided not to because he knew the consequences there would be for the people. It was the right choice not to drop the bomb because it would have begun a nuclear

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