Atticus Shows Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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It take a lot of courage Out of all the people in Maycomb, Atticus shows the most courage. In a small county call Maycomb county, the county is in a bit of trouble because of a case. A father convicted a man of “raping” his daughter. In to Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee Atticus shows courage When Atticus shoot the dog, stands up for Tom Robinson at the jail, and when Bob Ewell threatens him he does not do anything. The first way Atticus shows courage is when he shoots the dog, Tim Johnson. When everyone is inside watching the “mad dog” staggering towards the Radley house, Atticus and Mr. Heck Tate are there to take down the “mad dog”. When Mr. Heck Tate sees the dog himself he can tell it has rabies. Heck Tate takes the gun and hands it to Atticus, for Atticus to take the shot. When Atticus took the shot, the dog laid dead on the sidewalk in front of the Radley house. After the dog lays there he hears a voice yell “I saw that, one-shot Finch” said Miss Maudie(Lee 111). The way he shows courage, is when shooting the dog is because when he chooses to shoot the dog, he also chose to show his secret to the whole neighborhood. The secret he showed was his shooting skills. Not everyone knew that, not even Jem …show more content…

When Atticus is at the jail house because Tom Robinson is there, a big mob of men show up. The mob of people were only there for one thing and that was Tom Robinson. Atticus would not let them get him. But he did notice someone in the mob that he knew and that was Walter Cunningham. When he noticed Walter he said “You can turn around and go home, Walter”(Lee 172). When he says that he was referring to one person, but he meant it to the whole mob. He shows a lot of courage by telling them that because the mob was going to beat Atticus up and hurt him badly. But he did not care and stands up for Tom Robinson. But he does more courageous

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