Attraction In Dracula

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Lust and attraction to Vampires – Psychological Power “For a couple minutes there , I thought I was going to go nuts. Really, clinically nuts. Her lips on me biting...biting me... And when she was doing it, I liked it, Ben. That's the hellish part...” said by Jimmy Cody in Salem's Lot(page 413-414). Lust, the strong sexual desire, is a theme presented throughout Salem's Lot. Salem's Lot is a town that is full of adultery and lust. Lust is commonly confused with love. Lust is purely a physical attraction and has no lasting effect. It's a mystery as to why there is this attraction that humans have to vampires. In the movie Dracula(1931), Mina also feels this attraction towards Dracula. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is represented as a period…show more content…
Humans have the desire to survive when put in dangerous situations. Aubrey had to make the decision of either saving his sister by warning her about Lord Ruthven. The sister he cared about the most fell to the vampire due to the fact that he was scared because his life was on the line. Salem's Lot is interesting because many people towards the end of the novel are turned into vampires. Parkins Gillespie leaves the town on his own accord not wanting to get involved. In the stories, characters tend to let down their guard to the mysterious. For instance in Nosferatu and Dracula(1931), the protagonists willingly go to the castle of the vampire despite warnings given prior. Humans are susceptible to mysterious forces when their survival instinct takes overs, and they fear the unknown. Interestingly enough the ones who survived in the end are the ones who showed self preservation and almost at times didn't show fear, but rather instead of fearing the enemy, they would go against the enemy. Vampires benefit off humans because of the fact that they are human. Sometimes the instincts built inside of humans can lead to results in a situation that is worse than
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