Audie Murphy Leadership Qualities

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Audie Murphy without a doubt is the most decorated soldiers of world war two (WWII) and one of the most respected among all military members. Time after time, Audie Murphy displayed the true meaning of being fearless and placing the mission first. His level of adaptive leadership is nearly unparalleled compared to anyone during WWII due to his ability to be resilient, confident, and a risk taker. Coming from a poor family and low socioeconomic background, Audie Murphy had to be resourceful in getting each day and thinking how to get by the following day. After his father leaving the family, Audie Murphy decided to drop out of the fifth grade to support his family by picking cotton for a dollar a day and learning how to hunt. In 1941 his mother became ill and passed away but once again, Audie Murphy continues support his family further by managing three different jobs. This shows that Audie Murphy has the potential of becoming an adaptive leader due to his resilient nature at such a young age. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, he attempted to enlist at the age of 17 was inspired to serve his country and wanted to go further in his life from his mother passing away. Unfortunately the Marines, Navy, nor Army didn’t enlist him due to him being underage and underweight along with having a baby face, it didn’t help Audie Murphy (Murphy 2002, p. 7). However on June 30th 1942 with falsified documentation from his sister, he was able to enlist in the Army as an infantry …show more content…

Soldiers like him with their unwavering commitment to put the missions first and do whatever it takes to complete it, are the reason why the United States of America are one of the most respected countries in military power. Audie Murphy’s actions truly display what it means to be a great leader and putting his team’s well-being before

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