Rebellion In Unbroken

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Someone’s most important traits aren’t usually seen till something brings it out. War causes many to experience traumatic mental, and physical abuse. In these dire moments what stays the same or changes is what truly defines someone. During World War II, Louie Zamperini was originally deployed as a bombardier, only to be captured as a POW to the Japanese. In the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, she explored his journey and struggle for survival, showing that war affects people in different ways.
The trait of rebellion is something kept by Louie throughout the war. He used his rebellious nature from childhood to assist him in his survival throughout his capture. Louie displayed this when the POWs spoke to each other by pretending to talk …show more content…

Also known as “the Bird”, he showed no mercy as his nihilistic traits showed the strongest in his darkest time. The Bird was a shame to his family when he failed to become an important member of the military. Being placed in the lowest position, Watanabe took this anger out on Louie and others. When the Bird first met Louie questioned, “Why you no look in my eye?”(173). Louie looked up to meet his gaze but instead the Bird bashed his skull and yelled, “you no look at me!” (173). This shows his nihilistic behaviour which he likely did just for an excuse to beat him. The Bird has been known to “eavesdrop on men, and beat those who mentioned him” (177). This action shows the Bird’s inhumanity brought out on him in the war. He degraded people until they wished they were dead. The Bird’s nasty behaviour is the result of disgracing his families name. Laura Hillenbrand explains, “his failure derailed him, leaving him feeling disgraced, infuriated, and bitterly jealous of officers” (174). The war’s toll turned what could have been an honourable man into someone deranged, who dehumanized other POWs for Nihilistic reasonings. This is evident just how differently the two responded to war. Combat changes people in various ways, some are strengthened and others are twisted. Louie Zamperini was affected physically and beaten relentlessly but his attitude for survival grew and he came out renewed and learned more about himself. However,

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