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Jones1 The Big Essay What is Perception? Why is it important? Perception is important because it gives you the ability to become aware of something through someone else’s sense’s. Romare Bearden knew that August Wilson had a great eye for the perception of the world around him. He portrayed it throughout all of his artwork, August Wilson drew most of his attention from the street of Harlem. Bearden is best known for his vibrant collages of Harlem life with images and impressions of the American South. Romare Bearden has had a great perception of the world around him, with his signature style of his art collage. Bearden lavish use of the color blue throughout his work, suggests the blues, An African American folk music. He knew how hard it …show more content…

In 1968 Wilson and a his friend founded the “Black Horizon Theater”. He became an American playwright whose work included a series of ten plays, The Pittsburgh Cycle, for which he received two Pulitzer Prizes for Drama. Berniece refuses to play the piano because she’s afraid to wake the spirits of her ancestors. Berniece exhausts all of her arguments against Boy Willie selling the piano. When he ignores her and starts to move the piano out of the house, Berniece is forced to threaten him with a gun. Boy Willie tries to sway Bernice to sell the piano by telling her his dream to own land, reasons that if she doesn’t play the piano he should sell it. ”Boy Willie . . . you gonna play around with me one too many times. And God’s gonna bless you and West is gonna dress you. Now set that piano back over there. I done told you a hundred times I ain’t selling that piano”(50). Boy Willie responds with I”I’m trying to get me some land, woman. I need the piano to get me some money so I can buy Sutter’s landI”(50). Bernice replies ”Money can’t buy what that piano cost. You can’t sell your soul for money. It won’t go with the buyer. It’ll shrivel and shrink to know that you ain’t taken on to it” (50). When Boy Willie’s pleas fail to move her, he still plans to sell the piano, even under threat of being shot. When Sutter’s ghost attacks him and Berniece saves him by playing …show more content…

My favorite type of food is ribs, and chili dogs, or chunky chilli. I included marijuana because I know how helpful it is; It can decrease the symptoms of a severe seizure disorder known as Dravet 's Syndrome. It can also be used to treat Glaucoma. So legalizing it would be great for people personal health benefits. I graduate in the year of 2016, so I included a cap and diploma in my collage. I plan on having a job in the future that can financially stabilize me and my family. I also put my family in here, not their real faces, but I put them in the order of births. From my older sister to my brother then to me. My name is Iyana, and I believe my name is as unique as my personality. Artwork is important because it allows you to visually express your emotions through colorful even abstract. Art can even be a reflection of our society. Art shows diversity in a person’s life. That’s exactly what Romare Bearden, August Wilson, as well as myself portrayed into our collage. Without art we would not have true visual beauty. Art encourages kids to express themselves. Art speaks words you may not be able to say. Arts enable us to imagine the unimaginable, and to connect us to the past, present, and the future, sometimes even all at

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