Autism Behavioral Intervention Paper

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The symptoms of autistic disorder (often referred to as autism) includes a failure to develop a normal social relation with other people, impaired development of communicative ability, and the presence of repetitive stereotype behavior (Carlson 2013). The neurodevelopmental disorder that I select is autism. Many parents around the world are suffering and struggling with their kids. Most of those kids are nonverbal, and unable to communicate. Many Parents find it difficult to help control their kids’ tantrums. The kids have difficulty eating, sleeping, interacting with peers. It hard to say that Autism is for life I can’t imagine having a child with autism. Working with Autism and learning so much about it is gift. Autism is a disorder that produce repetitive behavior in a child and affects ability to socialize with others, and decreases their ability to communicate. Maino, Viola, & Donati, 2009). Stated that, Autism is a …show more content…

For example, Grindle and colleagues (2009) described an Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) conducted 25 hours a week based on Applied Behavioral Analysis techniques. A motivational analysis, task analysis, and functional behavioral analysis are conducted before intervention begins. They used consequences as a goal and teach replacement behaviors to encourage the use of socially appropriate behavior. Helping individual with Autism requires balancing an understanding of the diagnosis of Autism with the specific needs of the individual (Povey, 2009). Therapeutic interventions There may be no cure for autism, but there are many therapeutic interventions that can be used as a prevention. Some of these interventions may help some autism kids to live a normal life. Since not all kids are biologically the same and some are more affected than others. It depends on the level and severity of the

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