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B. o. B Is an exceptional Amercian singer, B.o.B may stand as better or best when it comes to music. B.o.B is Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. In real life. Bobby was born on November 15, 1988 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. The multi talented and multi awarded recording artist is also a songwriter and record producer. Bobby showed interest in music at a young age. Bobby played the trumpet in school and at his sixth grade he decided to follow his calling in music. His parents rejected his idea cum proposal but later on supprted their son of his first love. At an early age 14, the underage Bobby sold his first beat to recording artist “Citi” for a song entitled “I’m the Cookie Man” and squandered the proceeds. He later on realized the importance of saving money and later on become wise with the fruit of his labor. In 2006, Bobby signed with “Atlantic Records” and its subsidiary “Rebel Rock” and his first single ‘Haterz Everywhere” was released on 2007. It conquered and peaked on the 5th spot of “Billboard’s” “Bubbling Under 100 Singles”. It was soon followed by the singles “I’ll Be in the Sky”, “Don’t let Me Fall”. The same year also witness his appearance on the cover of “XXL” magazine as well with other hip-hop artist. …show more content…

The album “B.o.B: The Adventures of Bobby Ray” was welcome with positive commendation, was a commercial success for the singer and made its way to the best spot on the “Billboard 200”. The albums, singles and the singer himself paves the way for nominations at major music awards. One of the songs got its way to the trailer of the movie “Charlie St. Cloud”. He was also in head to head favorable comparo for famous and successfull rap and pop

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