Man In The Mirror Analysis

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Change Starts With You: An Analysis of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”
1980s pop megastars were responsible for guiding pop culture into a revolution of emerging trends. A decade full of discrimination, immigration, homosexuality, poverty, and health crises, where the public looked towards celebrities for inspiration. Michael Jackson, King of Pop broke more social barriers than any other icon of his time. Michael’s 1987 hit, “Man in the Mirror” was an upbeat pop song that inspired a revolution. The soulful melody brings attention to the need for change in a world full of discrimination, narcissism, and neglect, while provoking the thought that change begins with ‘you’.
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President Ronald Reagan was responsible for guiding the economy during the 1980s. Under Reagan’s control, national debt rose past $3 trillion, and interest rates were high due to new tax reforms (“Reagan, Ronald,” 2015). Specifically, Michael focuses on impoverished children in “Man in the Mirror,” an issue faced in society in the 1980s(Lines 9-12). As a result of structural economic changes, about 20% of white children, and 45% of African American children were left impoverished in 1987 (Segal, 1991). Michael uses “Man in the Mirror,” as a way to protest the injustice children endured during this time, and encourages others to use their voice for those …show more content…

He asks his listeners to take a step back and analyze themselves, while considering what impact they could have in the world. He raises awareness for discrimination and poverty, while considering a feasible solution to the circumstances. Michael points out the need for greater involvement in giving as opposed to receiving. Today, America still faces similar issues, and could benefit from greater involvement in organizations. Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” encourages people to view change as a positive way to grow together in a growing society filled with crime, racism, judgment, and

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